Tonight will be the last time Errol and I sleep in our cozy little apartment. The process has already begun to move into the new place that will house three student pharmacists of the Class of 2015. That is exciting, but moving out of Errol and my first home is difficult to bear.

All week, since getting back from Puerto Rico on Sunday, I have been randomly breaking down in tears at the thought of Errol leaving. Even now, tears begin to well. It leaves me in the tough spot of trying to not think about it. But when I don't think about it, time seems to slip through my fingers.

It's already Friday, and it just hit me that tonight will be the last night that I sleep here. Tomorrow morning, movers that I hired will pick up my sofa and bed. We will spend the morning moving things back and forth, and once it his triple digit heat, we will stop and spend some time together. I guess it's nice that it forces us to do some bucket list things.

The one thing that will definitely be on my to-do list tomorrow that I've always wanted to do: cook an egg on the sidewalk!



This is probably my 50th apology post in this blog, but I'm so sorry that I never finished writing about my IPPE. It eventually became very repetitive, and very busy in my life that I just didn't have time.

Overall, it was an amazing experience! Learned so much, and can't wait to start learning more therapy next year!