It's currently Spring Break, in which I am spending in a study room of UCF School of Medicine as Errol studies for his exam tomorrow. It's crazy to think that after this week is over, we will be well into March, and less than 2 months away from being the oldest class residing in UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy.

Organizations have a large role in student pharmacist lives. This is the time of year of election season, and officer transition. It's the time when first year students step up and strive to become elected, second year students begin to realize that that they need some leadership to get residencies, and third years start mentally preparing to interact daily with patients.

With two Elect positions (2-year commitments), I started this year wondering how I could possibly take over in my third year. Thanks to great mentorship, I feel confident that next year I will be able to take over and maintain the legacy.

That's all for now... onto trying to survive second year!