Another free moment means another promise to keep up with blogging again. I swear this time to be true (as I always say)!

But really, this past year kicked my butt, and I can honestly say I'm a better person for it, and will hopefully be a better pharmacist too. Unfortunately any mental break I had this past semester all I wanted to do was lay in bed, watch TV, and mindlessly look around Facebook in 3 different tabs.

Some things I did this year:

1) Racked up thousands of Delta Skymiles and Southwest Rewards Points. Glory of pharmacy conferences and a long distance relationship.
2) Took 21 exams + 4 finals in the span of 4 months (minus Spring Break)
3) Somehow got the clutch factor. Three classes this semester ended up with final grades between 89.5 - 90%
4) Learned the significance of "Just keep swimming". Had a few breakdowns this year from the stress, workload, etc. But my friends (and not necessarily willpower) helped get me through because we were all in the same boat together.

But the year is now over, and will just be a distant memory. Because in just a few weeks, Errol and I will be embarking on our first Eurotrip! Two weeks in Italy; I can't wait for you all to share the experience with me!