Semester One Complete

It's Christmas Day and I have been home since the 22nd. And unfortunately, I'm driving back tomorrow morning :(

All of the 12-14 hour days of studying paid off in the end, with A's on all of my finals!

First semester report card:
Health Systems - A
Physiology - A
Pharmaceutical Care Lab - A
Pharmaceutics 1 - B
Biochemistry 1 - B

Final GPA: 3.6

I'm proud of my grades; there's always room for improvement, but I feel that half of the battle this semester was figuring out my study method. Plus, it's still early so my GPA is still in the high-fluctuation stage.

Next semester is promising to be much more difficult, so I'm glad I ended fall semester strong and with the momentum and drive to do well!

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope Santa gave you all what you wanted :)


  1. Good job! Hope you like it in NC!

  2. Damn girl, congratulations!!! You made pharm school your b****! Hope you had a lovely Christmas & a safe trip back to NC. Stay warm :)


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