Eleven things of 2011 (A Year in Review)

2011 was a year of many changes, and many exciting events.

In no particular order (except maybe somewhat chronological?), my top eleven moments of 2011!

1) Interview at my dream school, UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

My first time flying, renting a car, and checking into a hotel all by myself. The trip was extremely stressful, but it was wonderful having the chance to visit the pharmacy school on the top of my list. Even though my interview was in January, I didn't hear until March while I was in Waynesville for Spring Break. It was definitely worth the wait!

Outside of one of the ESoP buildings.

2) Spring break in Waynesville, NC 

First road trip with friends was to a quaint mountain cabin in Waynesville. It was a wonderful trip filled with snow, nature trails, fireplaces, and time with friends. Even though spring break is normally spent on the beach, the trip was truly one to be remembered.

Our friend's log cabin

3) Dance Marathon at UF 

After an exhausting year with my partner, Megan, Phi Sigma Pi raised $14,000 for Children's Miracle Network at Shands Hospital. Brothers and friends stood on their feet for 26.2 hours in honor of the Miracle Children and University of Florida raised a university-record of over $700,000. It was an amazing experience filled with teamwork, inspiration, and many successes.

I miss being a part of the DM fun, but understand that my time has passed and I know that PSP DM flourishes without me :)

The 2011 PSP dancers, plus 2 guests! 

UF Dance Marathon 2011 grand total 

4) Became a Phi Sigma Pi Alumna

Six semesters of tears and laughter, and finally came senior meeting and Banquet. The drama associated with PSP is enough to have its own TV show, but we truly do great things when we work together towards one goal.

And I finally got a paddle :)

DM chairs of 2011 :) 

Opening my very own beautiful paddle 

5) Graduation from UF 

Four years of many ups and downs, good grades and bad, new friends and old friends, and memories that will last a lifetime. I got to graduate with my boyfriend and with family and best friend watching in the stands of the Stephen C. O'Connell Center. It was a beautiful day filled with lots of joy!

Family at graduation. So glad they sported the orange and blue! 

6) Family trip to Vegas 

One of my mom's cousins lives in Las Vegas, and we have visited them a number of times, but this was my first trip being over 21. Vegas is great for all ages (despite what people think), but DEFINITELY a ton more fun when of legal drinking/gambling age. Lucky for me, their daughter was 21 and showed me the party side of Sin City. Also played lots of Blackjack with my dad :)

We also took a little side trip to Zion National Park and saw beautiful sites! I also attended my first Food Truck Festival... YUM.

One of the yummy food trucks! 

Cactus flower 

7) Summer trip to Atlanta, GA

Errol and I attended our first wedding together in Alpharetta, GA. It was a beautiful ceremony and fun reception. We also went to the Aquarium! Highly recommended :)

Wedding couple 

Whale shark at the aquarium 

8) Moved to Chapel Hill, NC 

Last summer in Gainesville was HOT, and spent lots of time working and letting my brain recharge. Got to say goodbye to great friends and experience all of my favorite spots one last time. Finally, the day came to say au revoir to the Swamp, and hello Tarheels. The packing took FOREVER and the drive sucked (not nearly enough sleep and had to do it all alone... separate cars), but we made it alive. We made a stop in Savannah, GA for lunch and got to see Paula Dean's store!

My new roommate is my boyfriend of almost 4 years; a temporary move for him during his year off. The big step in our relationship was rocky at first because I was spending a lot of time making new friends and he didn't have a job yet. But once he started working, he started making his own friends at work too! Now it's better than ever, and I am going to be very sad when he leaves next summer.

Car packed to the rim. 

Outside Paula Dean's restaurant

First breakfast at the new apartment with makeshift tables 

9) Started pharmacy school

It's been quite an adjustment, and I've never been more busy than I am now, but I'm loving every minute of it. I take everything I learn from school and try to apply it when I'm at work; hopefully that helps things stick! I got to conferences all over the state and region, and learned a lot. I've put myself out there and met a lot of great people! The environment is great, and I can't wait to see what is in store for the next few years.

First Dose of Franklin at The Library 

10) Trip to Asheville, NC

My very first fall, Errol and I took a trip to one of the best places to see the leaves: Asheville! Went to the Biltmore, where we made it just in time to see the Christmas decorations. Also did my first wine tasting, and confirmed my preference to rose and white wine, and distaste for red wine. Went to an apple orchard and had some apple cider doughnuts and fed apples to some beautiful horses.

North Carolina fall is definitely something I could get used to :)

At the apple orchard! I wanted to buy everything in there 

Outside the Biltmore Estate 

My first wine tasting at Biltmore 

11) First drive back home from NC

The long drive is infinitely better when split with someone. Errol and I drove home for the first time since July, and it was so short but very sweet. I got to see my newly remodeled house and spend the Christmas with my wonderful family! Unfortunately, I won't be able to spend New Year's with them (first time EVER... stupid work), but I'll at least be with Errol.

Brand new kitchen! Next on the list: update appliances... 

Family and Godparents 

What were your top moments of 2011? 

I hope that everyone's 2012 is great! 


Semester One Complete

It's Christmas Day and I have been home since the 22nd. And unfortunately, I'm driving back tomorrow morning :(

All of the 12-14 hour days of studying paid off in the end, with A's on all of my finals!

First semester report card:
Health Systems - A
Physiology - A
Pharmaceutical Care Lab - A
Pharmaceutics 1 - B
Biochemistry 1 - B

Final GPA: 3.6

I'm proud of my grades; there's always room for improvement, but I feel that half of the battle this semester was figuring out my study method. Plus, it's still early so my GPA is still in the high-fluctuation stage.

Next semester is promising to be much more difficult, so I'm glad I ended fall semester strong and with the momentum and drive to do well!

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope Santa gave you all what you wanted :)



Spent the last 12 hours in the pharmacy building. Have been doing that every day since last Wednesday.

In 9 hours, I will be done with my first semester of pharmacy school!

And now... Time for rest.


Finals week!

Tomorrow begins my first finals week.

Line up includes:
Monday - Physiology
Wednesday - Pharmaceutics
Friday - Biochemistry

Been sitting on my but 12 hours a day since Thursday. Can't want to do it for 5 more days!

Good luck to everyone else with your finals!