First 2 weeks of PY2

The first two weeks of PY2 have been a stressful test of the year to come. There have been lots of lecture, lots of organization responsibilities, and our first exam is already tomorrow!

But in the midst of all the work, there has been a lot of good times with great friends.

On the last day of summer was PY1 Orientation, where I was one of the many representing CAPS and all of its wonder. It was so nice seeing the new class, and introducing them to all of the organizations at the School.

That night was also the first Dose of Franklin! It was so much fun seeing everyone again after all summer apart; at the same time, it felt like there was never a break! It seems just like yesterday was my very first Dose.

Classes have been great so far; our therapy course right now is dermatology (which is what our test is tomorrow). It's exciting to go to work and waiting for someone to ask the pharmacist how to help treat their poison ivy symptoms (nerdy, I know). Next up! Diabetes. 

Phi Delta Chi rush has also been going on, and there are so many great potential pledges! I can't wait for bids to go out and the pinning ceremony this Friday! 

Until next time...

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