End of one vacay, start of another!

After the end of a grueling semester, I won't lie and say I didn't want to spend the past couple of weeks on my own to recuperate. But after spending the last 3 weeks working for hours and [literally] laying in bed for hours on end, I think I am fully ready for the next few weeks to come: backpacking in Italy!

Getting from North Carolina to Florida was an adventure in itself. My flight was at 3:15PM, but went to the airport at 10AM to catch a ride with a friend who was also flying that day. It was fine, had some shows to watch and some reports to write and edit. Around 1PM I was getting excited to eat adobo and sinagang at home for dinner, and even skipped lunch to keep the appetite.

Also around 1PM, I got an email to check the status of my flight and I saw this:

Apparently, the plane we were originally going to use had a malfunction bad enough to warrant needing another one, which was coming from Baltimore. Lucky for me, we all got $100 vouchers for the inconvenience. Woohoo!

There was one final delay to 8:55PM, and I finally landed in Orlando at 10:45PM. My mom and sister were waiting for me at the airport, and then finally got home around 1AM after waiting for checked bags.

FINALLY! Good bye, North Carolina, see you in a month!

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