Cook-venture: Egg in the Hole

I haven't bought any meat except for deli ham for sandwiches and sausage for Zataran's Jumbalaya. I have just a handful of meals that I'm aiming to last me until I go back to Florida next Friday(!). So far so good, and it's a great feeling to be saving my limited amounts of money.

So what's the best, cheap protein? EGGS!

I have grown up with over-easy eggs with toast (or garlic rice, if it wasn't a school day). Ever since I saw it on Pioneer Woman, I had always wanted to try "egg in the hole" as a nice variation.

First, cut a hole in the middle. You can use a biscuit cutter,
glass, or a Pampered Chef  Measure-All Cup!

Add some butter or oil. 

Put the toast on. Remember to eat the center
or save it to dip in the egg yolk! 

I was winging the timing, decided to flip when the
bottom looked cooked. This was after about 45 seconds. 

Looks like the timing worked! Let the other side cook until I
was able to move the entire thing around the pan. 


I think I may eat egg and toast this way from now on! Having the egg in the center helped to have a good amount equally in each bite of toast. I may try adding some cheese next time.

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  1. This is awesome, Erin. I'm sure it tasted yummy!


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