First Internship Duties!

It's been relatively boring since the last post. I worked last Friday, and then didn't work again until this Friday. And the free time in between consisted a whole lot of nothing. Well, I shouldn't say nothing... I watched TV, perused Facebook, cooked from time to time, took a lot of naps, and I think I went grocery shopping =] I figured I should take advantage of my freedom while I still can. Next week I'm at CVS for 40 hours, the week after that will be half free, half Orientation. Then the week after that... school starts!

Like I mentioned, last Friday was my very first day working at my new store. It's not actually in Chapel Hill, but in Durham. Luckily, towns here have about a 5-minute diameter so working in another town really isn't bad. It's just a hop, skip, and a leap off I-40.

The store is amazing. The co-workers are great and more importantly, the customers are great! I went from a store where cars were stolen from the parking lot in the mid-afternoon and not being able to walk to my car at night without the manager watching, to a middle class area where everyone has a credit card and there are barely any HIV medications dispensed. Unfortunately, it leaves less opportunities for "Pharm Phrustrations and Phunnies", but I think I can manage the terrible loss.

Life is good.

But not only was it my first day at a new store, it was my first day with my brand new name tag that said "Pharmacy Intern". Yippee!! Granted, being an "intern" means I'm basically a glorified technician who gets a couple more responsibilities and a little higher pay grade, it's still quite exciting! I love new responsibilities.

These responsibilities include: taking doctor scripts of the phone and voicemail, transferring scripts in and out of CVS to any other chain (between CVS's can be done through the computer), mix reconstitutes (antibiotics mainly), and normally I would be able to count narcotics but this store doesn't let the interns do it. I was really looking forward to learning the safe password and counting my first Percocet and Adderall. Oh well...

One thing I've learned from taking my first voicemails and phone calls is that nurses talk extremely quickly! I had to pause, rewind, and repeat multiple times for just one script! It was still fun :) And now I know why you can't multi-task or bother a pharmacist while they're checking voicemails.

11 days until Orientation!

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