Orientation Day #1

I survived my 40-hour work schedule last week with only minor injuries to my sleep cycle. Woo!

Then, at the end of the week we had visitors from Michael (Errol's roommate for 3 years) and his girlfriend. They were visiting his grandparents in Burlington and stayed with us for 3 nights.

We spent those days exploring restaurants like Allen and Sons (best BBQ around, apparently). Carolina BBQ is supposedly a very serious discussion between Western and Eastern Carolina. East vs. West, tomato-based sauce vs. vinegar-based sauce, etc. etc. There are even historical books about Carolina BBQ! It's very important up here.

Then my roommate of 3 years, Stu,  joined us on Sunday on his way back from his summer internship in Rochester, NY. It was such a great reunion, even though he just stayed for a few hours! We went to Top of the Hill, which I like to compare to The Swamp in Gainesville. What's cool about Top of the Hill is that they brew their own beer! I don't like beer, but it was a cool site.

Literally at the same time Mike and Lauren left Tuesday morning, we received our final visitor! An adorable 9-month-old, pug-retriever named: Codeine.

It was my first experience taking care of a dog, and I must say it was a great one! It was just for 24 hours but I already miss him now that he's gone. He was potty-trained, didn't bite, didn't lick, and stayed where he was supposed to be (aka out of the bedroom). He was so great!

Having all of the visitors was perfect timing because I'm very impatient and it was good to have all of the wonderful distractions while waiting for Orientation.

Speeeeaking of Orientation (Day 1)...

It was a great day! Albeit long (10AM-5PM), it was a great first interaction with the PY1 class and older student organization leaders. At the end, there was an organization fair where I got to indulge in what all 14 groups had to offer. I'm so excited to get involved; I'm very, very ready!

Day 2 tomorrow will be shorter (9AM-2PM), but I'm just as excited!


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