New Beginnings, New Blog

I've decided to start a new blog archiving my new adventure!

The move happened last Saturday, July 23rd but I just got internet so now is my first opportunity to update :)

Moving to a new place has been a series of physical of emotional turmoil. The week of moving day seemed so surreal, but filled with lots of things to do. Health documentation to sort out, AP scores to send, work, friends to see one last time… and oh, PACK! I could have sworn that I had packed most of my stuff and that all I needed was help from my parents throwing away all of my trash bags.
Somehow when my parents came, my things multiplied. It was a full day of packing and throwing things away. I didn’t even sleep until 3AM the night before we left. That was a big mistake.
We set to leave at 7:30AM, but really left around 8:15AM (Filipinos are never one time, much to Errol’s dismay… he’s Mr. Punctual). I didn’t feel ready or excited. Just exhausted. After the whole week of being go-go-go, all I wanted was sleep-sleep-sleep. Luckily, I had my sister with me. But I was extremely cranky towards poor Errol the whole trip.
My sister and I listened to our huge playlist, which we eventually got bored of (go-figure) and instead listened and sang along to the West Side Story soundtrack. We both love it, and I have had the fortune of performing it about eight times in high school and undergrad. While for other people music like this would make you sleep, I love to listen to all of the singing and instrumental parts so the concentration on that alone helps me to keep my eyes open.
After about 4 hours, we arrived in Savannah in perfect timing for lunch (per Mom’s request)! It seemed that we got there sooner than expected and was told previously that it was halfway between Gainesville and Chapel Hill. Unfortunately I was misled, and there were still about 7 hours left including all of our stops for gas and resting.
But Savannah was really nice; it was SUPER hot, but we visited Paula Dean’s store, which was AWESOME! Her cooking isn’t quite my style (I’m not much for Southern dishes), but it’s awesome to be in a store just for cooking supplies. Mom got an ornament to remember our trip there.
Even though I had post-lunch sleepies added on to my exhaustion, it was time to be off again. I had an emergency 5-Hour Energy, but wanted to save it until the most desperate time. This happened to be around 4PM, which is normally my low point of the day where nothing can keep my eyes open. I busted out the shot and had to be my sister to help me stay awake. So, we made a list! Those are always fun. We made a shopping list of things I would need to be for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. It kept my surviving until the drink kicked in, then we had finally crossed the state line of North Carolina.
But somehow there were still 3 hours left?! Oh well, the excitement of getting close was enough to sustain me. However, my back started to hurt really badly. You never think of something being painful for just sitting for a long time, but my entire back was killing me. We had to stop in Raleigh to gas up and my mom gave me an Advil. Then we were just 40 minutes away!
Things started to look vaguely familiar since I had been in Chapel Hill twice already (once for my interview and once to look at apartments with Errol) and I got extremely excited. However, I was also nervous to see the new apartment because it was the first time I picked one without my parents’ stamp of approval.
Twelve hours later, we arrived at the quaint apartment I [will soon] call home. It’s a really good size for Errol and I, and we upgraded to brand new appliances in the kitchen. 
After spending a lot of money (painfully), we finally have the place livable except for coffee and dining tables. That includes desk, couch, mattress, etc. We've had a lot of time to spend getting acclimated, and it makes me really glad that we moved here so early. 
It was tough for me to be here at first because it's my first move outside of Florida, I don't know anyone here (besides Errol... I mean at school), and I don't know where anything is. But since moving here, we have discovered the Super Target, Harris Teeter (the grocery chain up here), Franklin St., and lots of other places.
That's all for now... 
Can I just say I'm super excited for school to start? Fresh start is always a plus for me.

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