Bake-venture: Peanut butter-banana bread with chocolate chips

During the school year, it was difficult to find time or energy to make anything from scratch. One miraculous weekend, I did! And every time I do, I think "That didn't take long, I could do this regularly"... then the laziness kicks in. 

As I said in my first banana bread post, this is always a great way to use your bananas that seem inedible and engulfed in blackness. 

Perusing online, I found this delicious variation from Brown Eyed Baker

Be warned: this is only for those who love chocolate chips. 

All of the wet ingredients in a bowl. Looks... appealing. 

Chocolate chips folded in last! Ready for the oven! 

And in all of it's fresh-baked glory...
Like I said, this is definitely for chocolate-lovers. I think I would try without next time since it surpassed my [very low] sweetness threshold, but any normal person with a sweet tooth would love it!

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