Another Week of Food for One

I'm the kind of person that goes in and out of phases, and I'm still not convinced that this food obsession isn't just another one of my phases. From a positive perspective, maybe now that pharmacy school isn't so insanely hectic it is giving me more time to try new things. How long do I have to keep this up for it to be cemented into my routine? If only working out would have the same effect on me...

I must say, this new method of meal planning has definitely cut down on my random purchases at the grocery store. I still spend an hour at the store wandering through each aisle, but if I see something I want I think, "What could I make with it?". If nothing comes to mind, I sadly put it back down. 

But that's not to say that Nutella didn't make it into my cart, even though it wasn't on my list. Although I would consider that an essential pantry stock item. 

This weekend I've decided not to go grocery shopping. Instead of buying new ingredients to try out new recipes, I'll work with what I already have and try to shave down my pantry a bit. Shopping and cooking for one is extremely difficult! 

Some of the things I have in mind to make from things currently in my pantry and fridge:
  • Venezuelan empanadas 
  • Tortellini cooked numerous ways 
  • Whole wheat bread sandwiches 
  • Cucumber and feta salad 
  • Good ol' faithful: EGGS
We will see how this salvage week goes! 

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