KE Flag Football/Second Dose of Franklin

October 14th was the 3rd Annual Kappa Epsilon Flag Football tournament! It was a lot of fun to watch fellow PY1's play against PY2's, PY3's, and PY4's/Faculty/anyone-at-UNC-hospitals.

Battle wounds:

This was an AWESOME interception (PY1's in grey!) 

Shaking hands with PY2's (red) after we defeated them :) 

CRAZY-FAST technician from UNC Hospital on the PY4/Faculty team:

The whole week there was lots of smack talk between the classes:


Those are just examples. There was a TON of smack talk from the PY3's because they won last year; and I admit they looked good, but the PY4's/Faculty/anyone-from-UNC-hospital won overall! (probably because of the 3rd part of that team!!!).

It was a ton of fun to watch, and next year I definitely want to play! 

Afterwards, I pregamed before the Second Dose of Franklin at a classmate's house and was introduced to Slaps, which has to be the best drinking game ever invented. No idea why I never saw this in Gainesville, but it's so fast-paced and so much better than beer pong!!!! 

The Dose of Franklin was a blast, and I ended up staying out until 3AM which was a new thing for me. ALSO, it was my first time out like that without Errol, who had work at 8AM the next morning so couldn't join. I would say it was a successful independent night out :) 

Hopefully more to come! 

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