Blogilates Weekly Challenge

Since I moved to Chapel Hill, I have been a pretty avid follower of Blogilates. I admit I haven't been keeping up with her workouts lately, but when I do, they are GREAT for those cold days I don't want to go to the gym.

At the beginning of the new year, she started a weekly challenge that I thought I would try to keep up with. I mean, just one task a week? Sounds doable! (She's a little cheesy, but you have to hand it to for committing!)

Last week's was "Clean Up and Tone Up!":

So what I did was cleaned up the lonely corner in our apartment that still had 3 boxes filled with crap we were just too lazy to unpack. Since it had been 4 months, I figured I didn't need them and threw most of them away.

When I cleaned that space, it was amazing how much better the apartment looked, and my mood improved too!

This week's challenge is "Wake Up. Drink Up":

I didn't see this video within 10 minutes of getting up, but I did see it within an hour. Will do it right when I wake up in the morning before school for the rest of this week!

Do you accept the challenge?

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  1. water is the foundation of healthy life .....cheers


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