Worked today from 8am-2pm so I got out at a really good time with my day very free!

So what did I do?

Well, for one thing, I passed out for 2 hours.

Then I looked through my cookbooks, because it makes me happy.

I decided on blonde brownies, but didn't want to make too much so I halved the recipe. The pans I had were too big for my small amount of batter, that resulted, so I put them in my mini cupcake pan. Then I topped them with almonds, which I found to be a yummy touch.

The difference between blonde and chocolate brownies is that instead of chocolate, blonde ones use brown sugar.

Simple ingredients 

mmm buttah (and sugah)

Final Product! 

And while you may be thinking: Erin, what about your pledge to eat healthy? 

Well, that's why they're mini... portion control :) 

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