Starbuck's on a Sunday

Today, Errol and I are working Sunday together at CVS. On weekend days, there are only 2 technicians and a pharmacist (or in today's case, 1 technician, 1 intern, and 1 pharmacist... sometimes I forget I'm an intern. But because hours were cut at the start of the new year and intern hours had to be used from the store instead of corporate, I start 2 hours later than Errol.

So I took the time to go to Starbuck's to be extremely productive! And it worked. I've done my homework, even done assigned reading, and am on a roll for a very good day.

Yesterday was also a very good day. Spent some money to get a couple of things for the apartment, and I think it's finally able to have guests. Sounds awful I know, but we still had a couple of boxes in a corner that hadn't been put away. We bought a microwave card to place just outside of the kitchen. Now we have more counter space in our TINY kitchen, which is now the new home of my Keurig and Kitchen Aid stand mixer, which had be sadly placed on top of water cooler in the dining room.

We bought an ice scraper for our cars, which I don't think we'll need but Errol insisted on purchasing.

And we went on a nice walk on one of the many beautiful trails in Chapel Hill.

AND we made a pizza topped with mozzarella, artichoke hearts, tomato slices, and salami. YUM.

I love this new version of me, the one who [so far] hasn't procrastinated, is exercising/being active on a regular basis, and NOT BEING LAZY.

We will see how long this lasts, but I'm feeling good!

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  1. Woohoo for productivity! Keep it up, girl. And that pizza sounds delicious :)


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