Very glad that I didn't get to work today! Spent the day at a friend's apartment where I brought my stand mixer and she introduced me to baking from scratch. While baking, we enjoyed a nice Gator Bowl game. She went to Michigan and therefore HATES Ohio State, and I'm a Gator so... duh.

We made baby lava cakes; it was really easy!
This was my first time using the stand mixer! Very entertaining to watch :) 
Plopped the "lava" into the chocolate batter. 

After 13 minutes, voila! Just plop onto a saucer and top with vanilla ice cream 

Since the oven was on anyway, we made these: 

Place Hershey's Kisses onto a pretzel and heat at 350 degrees for 2 minutes. 
After 2 minutes, place an M&M on top and push the Kiss down flat. 

And now... off to the gym. 


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