It's been a while since the last post... or at least it seems like it!

This past MLK weekend, I went to Gatlinburg, TN with my pharmacy fraternity: Phi Delta Chi. We had an amazing time with about 30 of us in a HUGE 3-story wooden cabin. It was complete with 2 hot tubs, a HUGE kitchen (it reminds me of Pioneer Woman's), pinball and arcade machines, movie theater room, and pool table. I could seriously live there.

Every night there was a huge party in the cabin with Brothers from other chapters (it was a Phi Delta Chi retreat) and it was cool to meet a lot of people, plus bond with our own chapter Brothers.

Unfortunately, after many nights of drinking, bad nutrition, and not enough sleep, I got sick. It's the first time i've gotten sick all year though so I guess I'll take it now and not during a whole bunch of exams. At least half of us got sick, so we have dubbed it: Gatlinburgitis.

Totally worth it though :)

And now this is my first (and probably only) free weekend where I don't have any big assignments, exams, etc. to study for. And no CVS!

But it really is the silence before the storm because after this coming week, all hell breaks loose.

Keep you posted :)

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